Hand sanitizer gel dispenser Sun-Set Health that protects people from contagion through contaminated surfaces in the public space.

A new urban element that has been designed as a result of the huge challenges we face around protection and reinvention of our society in a more responsible and careful way.
Composed of a metal structure that supports and protects the gel dispenser box, with automatic hands movement detection sensor.
The same structure features a bin that can be installed close to the hand sanitizer gel dispenser.
The bin can be customized to identificate the several colors of recycling.

This urban element is part of the collection SUN-SET Smart City Line by Magourban.

SUN-SET line features a new concept of public space, smart and healthy. Conceived as an extension of our homes, where enjoying the fresh open air and green spaces without giving up on the new needs emerged from the latest mobile technologies. But, at the same time, respecting and taking care of us and the environment. Responsibility that involves the whole productive process, design, manufacturing, transport, assembling, useful life and recycling.

Sun-Set health
27 x 40 x 125 cm
Sun-Set recycling
40 x 40 x 125 cm