Sun-Set picnic smart group, designed to create linear layouts as well as picnic and gathering areas.

The Sun-Set Picnic is formed by a bench and a table with metal legs and SMC (UHPC) concrete slabs with a minimum section, both 100% recyclable, which make urban elements very light and resistant.
The reduction of material in its conception implies a lower consumption of raw material and energy in its manufacture.
Thanks to its minimal design the picnics can be transported disassembled. The optimization of the space in the transport, its lightness and an intuitive and fast assembly system on site, allow the saving of fuel and resources.

In addition, the bench and the table incorporates intelligent connection points to:

• Wireless charging of electronic devices (bench/table).
• Fast USB charging (bench).
• WiFi connection (bench).
• Incorporation of cultural and / or commercial QR code (bench/table).
• LED lighting to indirectly illuminate the urban space, avoiding light pollution from the sky (bench).

This urban element is part of the SUN-SET Smart City Line collection by Magourban and can be combined with different elements.

SUN-SET line features a new concept of public space, smart and healthy. Conceived as an extension of our homes, where enjoying the fresh open air and green spaces without giving up on the new needs emerged from the latest mobile technologies. But, at the same time, respecting and taking care of us and the environment. Responsibility that involves the whole productive process, design, manufacturing, transport, assembling, useful life and recycling.

Table: 220 x 90 x 85 cm / 250 kg
Bench:  220 x 70 x 45 cm  / 250 kg